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Susan Sprung, National Executive Director/COO - [email protected] 

Vance Van Petten, National Executive Director/COO - [email protected] 

Michelle Byrd, Associate National Executive Director - [email protected]

Susie Casero, General Counsel - [email protected] 

Arielle Conwell, Executive Assistant - [email protected]



Bryce Averitt, Director of Membership - [email protected] 

Kyle Katz, Director of Member Services - [email protected] 

Diana White, Manager, Member Services and Events - [email protected] 


Arbitrations and PGA Awards

Mike Yarbro, Corporate Counsel & Director of Arbitrations - [email protected] 

Jin Kim, Arbitrations Paralegal - [email protected] 

Kylan Tyng, Arbitrations Coordinator - [email protected] 


Information Services and Operations

Geena Hoffner, Director of Information Services - [email protected] 

Jo-Ann West, Director of Operations - [email protected] 

Conor Hammonds, Manager, Operations & Member Services - [email protected]